286 Sorrento Way, San Jose, CA 95119


FAQ's for families looking to join.

Each prospective family is able to try the team out for a week with no obligations. Our only request is that you fill out the medical form on the first day in case of an emergency.

Our main requirement is that your child is water safe. Usually this would mean being able to swim one lap without assistance.
We are located near the Cottle exit on Highway 85. Our cross-streets are Camino Verde and Santa Teresa. 286 Sorrento Way, San Jose, CA 95119

We do not have a strict requirement of how many days your child should attend practice. That being said, progress is based on a continued effort in practice. Swimming is a very skill intensive sport and children should attend as many practices as they can a week to improve their technique and build endurance.

Meets are not required, however they are a great way for a swimmer to track his/her progress, build his/her confidence, and learn to compete in a nurturing environment. We try to offer the occasional "Time Trial" meet at our pool so that the kids can get times and try new events.Also, competition adds another part to the sport allowing your child to learn and respond to pressure.

There is a registration fee of $200 per family. Dues (see the Registration Form for details)are to be paid once a month on or before the 10th day of the month, any time after the 10th day of the month there will be an additional $25 late fee. Also a once per calendar year Pacific Swimming Registration Fee of $73.

Stingray participants in swim meets require parent volunteers. The number of volunteers assigned to our team for a swim meet is based on the number of Stingray swimmers participating. If your child is swimming in a meet you will be expected to help to fill positions assigned to our team.

We have a few parents that swim every Mon/Wed/Fri morning.

The water temperature usually hovers around 81 degrees.

We believe it is important for our swimmers to bond with each other in and out of the pool so we try to offer an adequate number of activities for them to do so. A few examples are cookie and ornament decorating for Christmas, Easter egg hunt, hot chocolate nights, etc.

We usually offer special practice times during school breaks.

FAQ's for families who are already members.

Our coaches are very open to working with you and informing you of your child’s progress but we ask that you respect the practice and either talk to your child’s coach before or after practice or through email.

We provide most of the swimming equipment (i.e. kickboards, paddles, buoys, etc.). However if you have a senior level swimmer it may be a good idea to buy a mesh bag and some personal equipment so your swimmer can always be prepared.
We understand that conflicts may arise (i.e. schoolwork, other sports, etc) please send us an email informing us of your situation so that we know not to charge you for the month(s) you’ll be missing. When you return you will have to pay the $200 registration fee..

The team will attend the meets that are posted on the schedule.

Travel meets vary but we generally attend at least one travel meet a year.