Lifting Routine

Go Penguins!!


Welcome to our makeshift lifting program. First, I want to start off with the obvious, I am not a certified trainer so it is going to be important that you watch all of these videos and pay attention to the correct form for each exercise. Lifting weights can cause injuries so it is important that you take it at your own pace and don't feel obligated to try and keep up with any one else. Lifting weights for muscle growth can be beneficial for sprint swimming but it needs to be done correctly. Get the motions down before you try and up your weight. Also, to supplement your growth you may want to look into getting a protein powder to drink after you lift as your body needs protein for muscle growth.

We will be meeting each morning at 5:30am and lifting for about an hour. A good dynamic stretching routine to do before each day can be found here. For each exercise we will be doing 3 sets of 8 reps.

Monday - Legs

I want to start off each Monday with LEGS because they are the largest muscle group and by lifting legs at the beginning it sparks all of the muscle building goodness.

Weighted Lunges

Squat Jumps

Leg Extensions

Hamstring Curls

Calf Raises

Tuesday (Optional) - Cardio with me

Wednesday - Chest/Back

For chest and back day we will be doing "supersets" (a superset is when you do two exercises back to back with little to no rest between them) to really get the "pump" going.

Bench Press

Seated Row

Chest FLy

Rear Delt Fly

Lat Pulldowns

Lower Back Extensions

Thursday - Arms & Shoulders

Thursday I want to get our arms and shoulders going and really work on getting power through each stroke especially at the finish.

Bicep Preacher Curls

Hammer Curls

Tricep Kickbacks

Tricep Pulldowns


Side Lateral Raise **Light Weights**