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Swimmer of the Month

Senior Group

Ashlyn Varga

Alexander Truong

Gold Group

McKenna Valenta

McKenna is constantly pushing herself to new heights. She is always very aware of her progress and how she can continue to improve. Her work ethic allows her to continue to grow in a very competitive environment. Not only has McKenna developed her swimming skills but she has continued to develop how she handles pressure and the exhaustion that comes along with big meets. She had some recent success while sick during JO's, including 3 top 10 finishes. All that and she still manages to have fun in the pool, maybe even too much at times!

Emily Scott

Emily Scott has continued to be a tremendously hard worker in practice. In December she had a phenomenal meet dropping seconds in multiple events and getting her JO cut and fractions of a second away from her FW cut. Emily got some great experience while Swimming at JO's in March and although she didn't get the cut that she was .06 away from she continued to keep her head held high and set her targets on Summer FW to achieve her 100 Breast cut. It takes a lot of mental toughness and shows a lot of growth on Emily's part to be able to turn around from a time that was so close and re-focus on what's next.

Silver Group

Coral Madden

Coral is an excellent listener and even though there may be some distractions around I can count on Coral to be attentive. Her drive has been showing up in meets where she has dropped seconds in multiple events across the board, including 6 seconds in her 100 IM. Keep it up Coral!

Lily Brengard

Lily is also very attentive at practice and knows the individual components that make up a set so if she thinks something is missing, she'll let me know. Kicking off her year round swim meet debut, Lily ran into some obstacles but was quick to learn from her early experiences and come back with more legal swims. Also, Lily has started adventuring into some new/longer events, which is awesome!

Bronze Group

Mia Walker

Gary Zhang