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Swimmer of the Month

Senior Group

Gwen King

Enrique Munguia

Gold Group

Mackenzie Macdonald

Mackenzie has had some breakthroughs recently, especially in her freestyle events. She is committing herself to really think about her stroke so that she can make the improvements necessary. While we are still early on Mac has already dropped time in all of her freestyle events in the recent months and is approaching some significant milestones. Mac also "took one for the team" and volunteered to give away her chance at a relay swim at Zones to someone else.

Mia White

Mia has had a breakthrough start of the year, she is more committed to having a stronger work ethic and her effort in practice has skyrocketed. As her work ethic continues to improve I can't wait for her to see her results at meets to come to give her positive assurance that hard work really does pay off.

Silver Group

El Barte

El is a hard worker and shows leadership at practice. She anchored our relay at zones and dropped 3 seconds in her 50 free. She is a go getter and always pushes herself.

Eve Russler

Eve is always on task and in the water done with her warmup ready to move onto the next set. Her focus is well beyond her age. She doesn't give up in sets and will push other swimmers especially her sister.

Bronze Group

Kyle Pfeifer

Kyle is already very attentive and carries a positive energy around practice. He takes direction very well and as one of the more veteran kids in the group Kyle has transformed into an enthusiastic leader.

Rachel Gianocaro

Rachel has taken direction in practice well recently and has shown improvements in the details of her stroke technique.